Distill Your 'Social' World with
High-end Analytics and Create Smart Insights

A cloud-based solution, SocioSEER is built on a scalable, open source tech stack that uses our proprietary RE.CO.IN methodology. Our extensive prediction and category algorithms classify all social impressions in domain-relevant themes. We use edge concepts (natural language processing, semantic compositionality, computational linguistics and machine learning algorithms) to capture every nuance of social context.

A World-class Platform of Differentiated Innovation and Power-packed Products


  • Intelligent algorithms that eliminate irrelevant noise
  • Pre-built pristine brand data sets that reflect true 'customer speak' across the globe, and across all frontline social media, blogs and forums
  • An industry benchmarked, domain-specific pre-built category theme set
  • Perfected over millions of relevent customer conversations
  • Key operational metrics, agile security and crisis management confidence
  • A single unified index
  • Integrated social media inputs across platforms
  • Key benchmarking and social impact inputs for quick decisions and actions - within categories and within industries
  • Index of brand loyalty, perceived value and customer association
  • Identification and tracking of all industry Active Market Participants (AMPs)
  • Creation of diverse personas
  • Retention of micro target participants through marketing campaigns
  • Active category intelligence at an industry level

Other Innovative Features

'True' Customer-centric Actionability

  • Enhances engagement within a dynamic customer base (loyalists, value seekers, casuals)
  • Identifies influencers and key leaders at the industry level
  • Provides insights that matter

'True' Competitive Intelligence

  • Drives understanding of marketing efforts (including campaigns) and its impact against competition
  • Benchmarks customer service against competition

Advanced Analytics

  • Builds innovative classifications and segments
  • Allows meta data splits using proprietary machine learning algorithms

Universal Access and Industry-agnostic

  • Offers 100 percent open data and all-device readiness
  • Simplified login-based cloud access with real-time alerts and updates
  • Enables efficiency through cloud deployment

Scalable and Flexible Deployment

  • Brand-specific deployment and competition tracking
  • Runs multiple complex queries in parallel for real-time results
  • Manage multiple data sources, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, blogs, forums and review sites

To experience this smart analytics platform in your business