When Your Customers


Track Your Brand's Engagement across Social Media

Amidst the voice and noise of social customer conversations.

Are you looking to intelligently harness the real power of social media for maximum brand advantage?

Are you able to integrate this data, information, conversations and impressions to get a 'single' voice of truth?

Does your team need an intelligent system that translates this context to benchmark your brand's performance against competition or wider industry?

A proprietary social media analytics platform that leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to create a true 'brand equity index' by harnessing the real power of social media.

Experience this smart analytics platform in your business


First-of-its-Kind Social Media Brand Equity Index

You look for value propositions that go beyond your competition and outperform goals on brand leadership, customer centricity and topline growth.

SocioSEER sieves, filters, categorizes and transforms online social impressions into positive forces of changes.

SocioSEER gives you wide-ranging, real time metrics on loyalty, sentiment, perceived value, customer association and more. It provides proactive scenarios and crisis planning to build trust and advocacy with influencers. It leverages the market and its active participants to give industry-specific social research for categorized theme sets and optimize media marketing mix for better ROI.


Industry-agnostic Deployment

SocioSEER is currently being deployed by businesses across industries, including global media houses, beverage retailers, pharma companies, global airline alliances and many more.

Being the Best

  • Recognized at the Stevie Awards for Excellence in Sales & Customer Service 2017
  • Won a Bronze Award in the e-Commerce Customer Service Award category

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