A Smart Social Media Analytics Platform
that Can Impact Your Top-Line and Brand Equity for Real


Improves Brand Equity in Real-time

  • 100 percent brand protection
  • 150 percent increase in campaign ROI
  • 5X reach at market level
  • 100 percent access to any point in the past for deeper analysis
  • 100 percent enterprise intelligence
  • 'Zero' surprise framework

Drives Superior Customer Experience

  • 2X customer centricity
  • Smart filter and tagging enable active social networking and improved social customer service
  • Sentiment-based social KPIs

Outperform Competition with Smart Insights

  • Drive product innovation with key consumer
  • First move advantage with early discovery of trends impacting brand, products and marketplace
  • Informed decision-making with smarter, data-driven investments

Enables Smart Savings

  • 50 percent cost reduction of social media analytics ownership
  • 50 percent savings in market research costs